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Do you wanna loose weight in 7 days?

Do you also think to loose weight and look more beautiful?

 Eat healthy live healthy..
Eat fruits to loose weight,Loose weight by fruits
Eat fruits to loose weight 

To maintain our weight you must exercise regularly.Doing exercise decreases our body fat and refreshes us.
Exercise,Loose weight by exercising

You should prefer dancing. Dancing is the easiest way to loose fat. Without gym you can loose fat easily just by dancing and exercise.

The main reason of fat is having more junk food. Junk food contains cholesterol and many other ingredients which are not at all good for our body.These products just increase fat in our body so they can also lead to to Heart Attack problems. To avoid this junk food you should have control on yourself and meditation is very good for controlling our brain.

Next comes weekly schedule of our breakfast,lunch and dinner.So for breakfast you must have oats and drink milk which contains fibre and will help to lose the belly fat and dont forget to have green tea with honey.So the next comes the the lunch during this time you must eat fruits. Fruits are very essential for our body and they do not cause weight gain. In fruits you can especially have bananas,apple,pineapple or watermelon.
After lunch time if you feel more hungry you can take curd or lemon juice without salt. Then at the snacks time you can have almonds and some peanuts.Dont eat Roti. Roti gains weight quickly.

Make a mixture of honey and water.Drink it twice a day. This will reduce body fat easily.You can have a fast for atleast 2 days in a week to reduce more fat quickly and if fasting is not possible for you then prefer exercising for atleast 1 hour continuously.If you can afford taking syrup to lose fat you can take ayurvedic syrups.It will be better if you dont buy the Sweat slim belt.

Weight loss image,Dieting

Drink more 💧 water. Water hydrates the body and helps to refuce fat and glow skin.
Also walking for atleast half hour is important to loose fat.
Loose weight by more water,Weight loss by hydration
Weight loss by hydration 

The last tip comes about the acupressure points to loose belly fat.
Here are some acupressure points.. 

Weight loss acupressure points,Lose weight easily

Tell me if you are going to follow these steps?


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