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Remove Dark spots and pimples easily

Make your face clear,Remove pimples and dark spots
Remove pimples and dark spots

Dark spots are a drag. Whether they’re the result of acne scarring or too much sun exposure, they can be difficult to avoid forever. We may not be able to completely escape hyperpigmentation, but we can fight back. And guess what? We can win!
Shop With Us: This Dark Spot Serum Has Over 4,000 Shoppers Posting Insane Before-and-After Photos
We’re not talking about fighting back with punches and kicks — though this serum does seriously pack a punch. A gentle one, though! That’s why it’s even a favorite of Gwyneth Paltrow’s go-to celebrity facialist, Vanessa Hernandez, who’s named it as a favorite at-home solution for brightening up acne scars!
skinmedica serumDermstore
See it: Get the SkinMedica Lytera 2.0 Pigment Correcting Serum for just $154 at Dermstore!
The effects of this SkinMedica Lytera 2.0 serum must be no joke because shoppers are obsessed with the “instant glow” it delivers to their complexion. One said they actually looked into the mirror less than a week into using it and “legit thought [they] had a filter on” because years-old acne scars had practically vanished! Another said this serum was “as close to liquid gold” as they could imagine. Even better than La Mer, as another reviewer stated, saying this SkinMedica serum “might be a new favorite!”
Shoppers say this pigment-correcting serum is “perfect for anyone who wants a simple routine” because we won’t need much else, which brings the value of this serum up that much higher. Its key ingredients are just so powerful! Niacinamide and tetrapeptide-30 work together to even out our skin tone, as they are known for, and may prevent the appearance of new dark spots, too. Meanwhile, Phenylethyl resorcinol may help to fade the spots we already have, working alongside a marine extract brand to build up a strong and healthy skin barrier!
This serum also contains two noteworthy acids, tranexamic and phytic, which may even further enhance our skin’s texture and correct discoloration while brightening us up. That may equal a brighter smile too since we’ll love the look of our skin so much that we won’t be able to stop grinning!
lytera serumDermstore
See it: Get the SkinMedica Lytera 2.0 Pigment Correcting Serum for just $154 at Dermstore!
To use this brightening serum, always begin by cleansing face to remove SPF, makeup, dirt and other impurities from the skin. Follow up by toning, and then take this serum and gently pat and massage it into face, neck and chest. Finish up with moisturizer and, if it’s daytime, sunscreen! Sunscreen is a must for protecting ourselves against hyperpigmentation, and with this serum, we’ll have a crazy-effective combo!
For a can’t-lose skincare routine, we may want to check out the SkinMedica Award-Winning System, a three-piece kit including this serum, as well as the brand’s TNS Essential Serum and HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator. SkinMedica was founded two decades ago by Dr. Richard Fitzpatrick, a renowned dermatologist who hoped to use science to create at-home products to slow down the skin’s aging process, and that’s exactly what he did! SkinMedica’s advanced formulations are only growing more and more popular each and every day because of the incredible results its users are seeing, and we need to join in on the fun!
If we’re feeling ready to say goodbye to our dark spots and acne scars for good — if we’re ready for our very own Gwyneth Paltrow-status skin — it’s time for a medicine cabinet makeover, and this serum is taking center stage!


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