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Things to help make your clothes look more expensive 

In todays time every girl wishes to look more stylish than anyone else.I wrote this blog to complete your wish.I am going to tell you few things to make your clothes look more expensive.
So lets begin 

1.Neck Scarves

Neck scarf,Neck Scarves Pattern
Neck Scarves Pattern
When i thought to collect some things i got this which would give the pretty good look on any of your outfit.You can tie these scarves on your handbag or wear as a hearband or use it in the ponytail to make your look luxurious.

Wide Waist belt, Wide Waist Belt Trend
Wide Waist Belt Trend
You can add Wide Waist Belt on any outfit as it defines waistline. Costumers love the back elasticity of this belt.Its much comfortable and comes in many shades. 

Long Mac jacket, Trendy Mac Jacket
Trendy Mac Jacket 

Just clinch this long jacket at the waist with a belt for luxurious look. It looks expensive and organized.Reviewers love how the thick cotton gives it a good weight.

Trendy Hairband, Hairband
Bring this new member in your wardrobe.Its the easiest way to make your outfit look luxe. 

Hair pin, Pearl Hair Slider
Pearl Hair Slider
  Adding a Pearl Hair Slider can make you look put-together and polished.These will make your normal hairstyle look unique. 

Trending linen top,Linen Top
Linen Top

Wearing thicker and stuctured fabric cloth like Linen Top will look more expensive.This makes your outfit look with  high-end. 

This Neutral Manicure will make your look more polished.It adds a perfect finishing touch.

These all things makes us look like a celebrity.

Fashion,Turtleneck Fashion
Turtleneck Fashion
Using turtleneck can make your look look more refined and posh.


Neck fashion,Choker
Adding a Choker can make your neck look attractive and georgeous especially when the choker is shiny one.

Follow these tips and me... 


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