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Top 7 Sarees To Wear On Deepawali 2019

Indian culture is very unique,old and traditional. One of the traditional festival is going to come on 21st of October 2019.Its Deepawali. Deepawali is the common cultural festival of India. On this occassion girls,boys as well as womens buy new clothes but buying clothes for such occasions are really confusing. We know the types of dresses but we dont know what to wear. You need not worry about it i am going to tell you the best costume for Deepawali i.e. "The Saree".Saree is the old obsession of Indian womens.Saree is old tradition but at the same time its a gold for Indian womens.
So lets discuss top 7 beautiful Sarees which got online:

1.Golden Embroidered Silk Saree With Blouse

Golden embroided silk saree, Golden Embroided Silk Saree With Blouse
Golden Embroided Silk Saree With Blouse
Rs 1695
Golden Embroided Silk Saree is one of the most attractive and lustrous saree.You will get a blouse with the saree. Its edges are pretty awesome.Its completely embroidary pattern of Saree. 
I paired it with this red colored jewellery. The color combination will look beautiful.
Embellished Ruby Quartz Neclace
Embellished Ruby Quartz Neclace
Click here to buy this

Orange Silk Saree, Orange Embroided Silk Saree
Orange Embroided Silk Saree With Blouse 
                              Rs 1,299
 This saree has same pattern like the first one. The difference is of colors. Here the color is orange and a blue border. This color will look much better on the fairer skin.Wearing this saree will give a fresh and pretty look. The blouse also comes with it. Moreover the color combination is awesome.
Black Traditional Pearls Necklace
Black Traditional Pearls Necklace 
I thought this matches the saree perfectly and believe me its gonna look awesome.

Printed Saree
Printed Saree
                             Rs 503
Printed sarees suits everyone and these are not too fancy,also not too simple to wear.This red colored saree has a very pretty border with a matching blouse. 
I paired this red Saree with the best selling and beautiful jewellery.
Dazzling Gold Plated Australian Diamond Necklace
Dazzling Gold Plated Australian Diamond Necklace 

Yellow Printed Polycotton Saree
Yellow Printed Polycotton Saree 
                             Rs 627
The Saree name itself tells us that it's made of Cotton. Cotton Sarees are used almost by every Indian Women. This Yellowish-green Polycotton Saree looks georgeous on anyone.It has a fancy color combination which makes it a perfect saree for Diwali.The border of this saree looks common but unique. 
I paired the saree with this Multicolor jewellery which will make our look more traditional. 
Multicolor Indian Traditional Jewellery
Multicolor Indian Traditional Jewellery
Daisy Shah Aqua Blue Color Bollywood Designer Sari Deepawali
Daisy Shah Aqua Blue Color Bollywood Designer Sari Deepawali
Rs 4899

This Saree looks very simple but after wearing it looks so sexy. It has a silver shiny border which looks awesome and makes it fancy. 
I paired the saree with these precious red colored Jewellery. 
5 Line Ruby Colour Multi Sting Necklace Set
5 Line Ruby Colour Multi String Necklace Set

Multicolour Banarasi Art Silk Saree
Multicolor Banarasi Art Silk Saree 
                                Rs 1,379
This Saree type looks more traditional as well as a little fancy Banaras saree. It loks georgeous with this white colored pearled necklace.The pattern of this Saree is very loving and also the color matches the pattern 100%.

7.Pink Woven Art Silk Saree With Blouse
Pink Woven Art Silk Saree
Pink Woven Art Silk Saree
                            Rs 2,090
This saree is very materialistic and looks royal. The pink color of this looks more attractive,shiny and perfectly suits anyone. The big traditional type of earrings will make the look more beautiful than any other saree.
You can pair it with any golden color jewellery or any pearled jewellery
White Kundan Necklance
White Kundan Necklace


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