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Types of jeans for women in 2019

Jeans are the best ways to look fashionable. Now-a-days every girl use jeans.Jeans can be used on any types of top. 

Trending jeans 2019

So lets start..

1.Straight Jeans

Straight jeans, Trending straight jeans
 Straight jeans 

Straight jeans cutting are in the straight form from top to bottom especially from knee to ankle.These jeans fit to all body shape.

2.Skinny jeans

These jeans are skin tight body hugging jeans.The cloth of this jeans is very soft, smooth and stetchable to make our curves more prominent and beautiful. 


Flared jeans are commonly known as bail bottom jeans. These are wider from knee to bottom part.

These are basically the ankle length jeans.From last couple of years cropped bottom jeans is very much in trend.You can pair it on any fancy top material.


Boyfriend jeans are very easy to wear, comfortable and good for all the body types. 


Ripped jeans are one of the fashionale and stylish jeans. Right now this is the favourite type of jeans which is the most trending jeans among all. 

8.High waist Jeans 

These jeans are worn above the normal waist lines.This looks completely sexy and fashionable when you wear it with a red  jacket.

9.Short Jeans

Short jeans are the sexiest and cutest of all other types of jeans.You can wear it with any crop top and it is going look the best. 

10.Capri Jeans


Capri jeans are very casual and comfortable for all.Capri jeans are of 2 types.The first type is loose and the second one is tight capri jeans. 



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  1. Awesome. I these jeans i am going to try Flared and cropped .


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